The fine print. Long winded. Boring, but oh so important!

In these terms, 'I' and 'Me' both refer to 'BECKY GOLIGY: PHOTOGRAPHER' and 'You' refers to the CLIENT

All packages for events and photoshoots come with all edited photos available to download. There is no option to remove this, and there is no extra fee incurred later. I encourage clients to print / share / make copies of the images. Legal copyright remains with Becky Goligy: Photographer, which simply means I retain the right to reject printing in certain situations which may be detrimental to my business.

Not all images taken on the event or photoshoot day will be used and edited, and I will not supply my RAW and unedited files.

I do not promise a certain amount of images in your final edits. Every event is different and therefore final image amount can differ. The amount of time you have hired me for will have an affect on the number of images returned.

Specific photo requests should be supplied in writing to 'Becky Goligy: Photographer' at least 48 hours prior to your event. I am contactable via Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and email. The 'standard' shots will be captured on a wedding day (example: cake / dress / rings) however if there are any moments or objects of significance I should know about, please advise.

Prior to your wedding day, please supply a list of any family / friend formal shots you would like me to capture. I recommend a list of around 10 combinations due to our time frame on the day. I can not be held liable for any shots not captured due to absent guests / exceeded time scale.

Photos are edited in my personal style. Please ensure you have viewed and are happy with my work prior to booking. Weather and location conditions will naturally effect the way your images look.

Your images will be edited in a maximum of two months from the date of your event. With all events, you will receive a preview within 24 hours which I will then share on Social Media dependent on consent. You have the freedom to use each image as you receive them.

Images must not be edited or altered in any way as this gives a misrepresentation of my work. This includes uploading to Social Media with a filter, and also applies to any suppliers who would like to use the images.

I do not currently produce albums or supply prints and gifts. There is a facility on my website where you can order through a third party. It's important to note that high street printing services (ie, supermarkets) use a lower quality ink and therefore may not print accurately.

If a second shooter is required, please give enough notice for me to acquire quotes. Prices differ based on experience, and these prices are set by the second shooter as opposed to me. All images will be edited by Becky Goligy: Photographer.

Booking fee is payable within 14 days of receiving your booking link. The final payment date will be specified when booking. If this date is not adhered to, I reserve the right to terminate coverage. Prices are non negotiable.

I can be restricted to some location rules. Some churches have been known to reject photography. Please ensure you have spoken to your venue to ensure photography is acceptable.

You are entitled to a two week cancellation period from the date the booking fee has been paid. If you would like to cancel and receive a refund in this time - no questions asked - I will need to refund to the account the money was sent from, or I must receive signed authorisation from the original payer if this is to be refunded via a different method / to an account not in their name. Once 14 days / 2 weeks has passed, the booking fee is non refundable.

In the highly unlikely event that I am too ill to photograph, or I need to attend an emergency, a replacement photographer will be found. I will inform your emergency contact and I will make a payment to the new photographer. Editing will still be undertaken by myself.

In severe weather conditions I will always try every avenue possible to get to your wedding. In the instance I am unable to make it due to health and safety concerns and the event is not rescheduled, your payment and booking fee will be refunded. If your date is rescheduled due to any reason and I'm unable to shoot that day, payment will be refunded.

If I receive any hostile / threatening / abusive behaviour at your event, I reserve the right to terminate coverage without refunding any payment. I will edit and deliver any images taken up until this point. I will always speak to a member of staff / trusted member of the wedding party prior to making the decision to leave.

For full day weddings, I require an itinerary prior to your day so that I'm able to work out when to take specific images, or when I can take a personal break that isn't detrimental to the day. I take a break during the wedding breakfast to start backing up your images, and to eat.

The details taken in the booking form are for photography purposes only. These will not be passed on to any third parties.

Social Media and advertising consent applies to identities only. I reserve the right to use images of finer details, ie the flowers.

It is your responsibility to advise me of anyone who is unable to be photographed for any reason, for example witness protection / foster children.

My contract is held with the clients only, and details of the day will only be discussed with the couple. Any photo issues must be raised by the couple only, and not by any family members or friends. If any of the mentioned do contact, I reserve the right to share this information with the couple, and can reject any further editing or contact.